Collection: Summer Currant

Introducing "Summer Currant" - A Fragrance Inspired by Sunshine and Bliss

"Summer Currant" is a radiant and invigorating fragrance that encapsulates the very essence of a sun-kissed paradise. It's a spirited and aromatic fusion of Mango and Tangerine, enlivened with the brightness of White Currant, and anchored by the soothing embrace of Coconut Lime.

The journey begins with the juicy and tantalizing notes of Mango and Tangerine. These lively citrus fruits burst forth, filling the air with an immediate and irresistible burst of tropical energy. The sweet and succulent Mango combines with the zesty Tangerine to create a vibrant and sun-drenched opening.

In the heart of "Summer Currant," White Currant adds a layer of freshness and sophistication. Its crisp, slightly sweet aroma introduces an elegant twist to the composition, like a breeze rustling through lush white currant bushes.

The fragrance gently settles into the soothing embrace of Coconut Lime, offering a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The tropical coconut note, coupled with the invigorating lime, creates a serene and harmonious conclusion to this olfactory journey, reminiscent of a swaying palm tree grove by the ocean.

"Summer Currant" is more than just a fragrance; it's a vibrant ode to the carefree days of summer, a fragrant escape to a tropical paradise where the sun is bright, and the vibes are endlessly cheerful. Immerse yourself in the vivacious aroma of "Summer Currant," and let it transport you to a sun-soaked haven where every day feels like an everlasting vacation.